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Work in the wedding industry or need wedding market data? We provide realistic, independent, and unbiased wedding statistics for 30,000+ U.S. geographical locations. Start by entering your business zip code and click search or use the browse links below.


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The most successful businesses in the world use data to grow. You should too! Get a business comparison report that shows you how you stack up to other vendors in your segment based on the 10 key business insights every business owner should be tracking.

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If you are getting married, we can help you understand how much you will likely spend for your wedding based on answers to a set of questions. Use the wedding cost estimator to create a budget starting point or a wedding budget checklist. It's Better than a Wedding Budget Calculator.

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Since 2005 we've collected over 600,000 survey samples and hundreds of thousands of other facts about the wedding industry.

We've helped over a million couples better understand how the decisions they make impact how much they spend.

We've also helped tens of thousands of businesses and researchers all over the world gain a better understanding of the wedding industry.

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