DJ Kurtis Cross talks about valuing your employees

DJ Kurtis Cross, a Professional Wedding DJ, talks about valuing your employees.


Shane: the challenge in running your business, and I think you said a key point was, you know, if you value your staff and the people that support you, you're all a team. Right. Trying to make this happen. If you value that and you help them and you you work with them, I think that speaks a lot because they'll stay and they'll work with you more. You see, I think when you see a lot of turnover in businesses, it's because people just don't value the people that work for them. And people just need to move on and do other things right. They're too worried about squeezing out the profit. They're too worried about squeezing out this and that. Right. I mean, we're all human here. We need to value each other.

Kurtis: I think that's the important part in my research. I found that while monetary valuing of a staff does work, I think that there are other ways to value staff beyond just, you know, a pay raise. You know, you know, if you have an employee, you give them a dollar fifty raise every six months. But you don't value them. They don't feel appreciated. They don't see where their work is going. If you go to work every day and you dig a hole and every day you come back in the whole filled and you got to get out again instead of seeing the progress of where that digging is going. And I think you'll be happier. We'll be less happy when you don't see the progress. You don't feel appreciate. You don't see the end result. And I think that these days we can value our staff a lot more by appreciating them in different ways, giving them paid time off, giving them a day off where they're not losing pay. Give them an increase in pay. You know, have an employee appreciation event, just let folks know that you care about them. A handshake, a thank you, a smile. Hey, man, you did a great job. They come in a couple hours late tomorrow, those kinds of things people do appreciate.

Shane: Work life balance, right? Because people have families, people have other things going on their life, not just working. Right. And we need to be able support them and help them, you know, live life. Right.

Kurtis: Right, right. It's not just a 9 to 5 kind of thing. And, you know, do your job and go home. You know, you've got to care about the folks who are, you know, making this whole thing happen. If it's just me, I cannot do it. I cannot make the sale. I cannot support the clients. I cannot man the warehouse. I cannot, you know, load the truck, go to the event and do all of this. Not these days. I used to do that when I was 22 years old. I was doing nightclubs in Miami and New York. You know, I load the car and I'm driving up 95 north of the turnpike to get to this club or that club. But, you know, these days we take a little bit more time with our couples and we support them differently than I did when I was 22.

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