Seasonality of Engagements Report

For the selected market and current year, the seasonality of engagements tells you how many engagements happen for a specific month of the year. It also tells you how many engaged couples are in the market and the average engagement length.

The seasonality of engagements report includes the following data:

  • Total number of engaged couples for originating weddings only
  • Average length of time a couple is engaged
  • Specific month of the year
  • Percent of total engagements for the given month
  • Number of engagements based on the total number of engagements for the given month

Seasonality of engagements report insights:

  • Let’s you know when couples are getting engaged so that you know when to market your products and services
  • Helps you identify busy and off seasons so that you can adjust pricing
  • Let’s you know when to expect income. Can be important for cash-flow analysis

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