Recommended Vendor Service

What's Included:

  1. Early Access: Gain visibility and exposure to couples early in the planning process through our innovative Wedding Cost Estimator tool.
  2. Exclusivity: We offer exclusivity for your market, in your business category. Only 1 business per market, per category.
  3. Risk-Free, No Strings Attached: We understand that flexibility is key, so there's no contract and no commitment. Feel free to cancel at any time, ensuring your peace of mind as you test out our services.
  4. Affordable: $50 a month per market, per category

How does it work?

Engaging the User:
When a user creates a new wedding cost estimate or views an existing one using our Wedding Cost Estimator tool, we offer them a link to the wedding cost estimate, a copy of our Wedding Planning Guide, and a copy of our guide, "How To Save Money On Your Wedding - 4 Key Decisions That Have The Biggest Impact On Your Budget" PDF.

Converting Users to a Lead:
As soon as the user, from your area, confirms their information, we'll send you their contact details along with a link to their wedding cost estimate. This way, you can reach out and offer your products and services at just the right moment.

Stand Out as a Recommended Vendor:
As users view wedding cost estimates in your market, your business will be showcased as a recommended vendor, boosting your visibility and SEO from direct links back to you from a crediable source.

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Wedding Cost Estimate Views: 358,854

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