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The most commonly-searched and 'shopped wedding dress accessories include:

  • Tiara or Headpiece
  • Headband, clips or combs
  • Veil (From blusher to fingertip to cathedral-length)
  • Slip or Crinoline to support the shape of the gown or the skirts of a short wedding dress [Some brides will choose a brightly-colored crinoline beneath a short wedding dress to express their artsy personalities!]
  • Shoes
  • Jewelry Set (Earrings, necklace, and bracelet to coordinate with the dress)
  • Undergarments. From support bras to the right bra for an open-backed gown to a body slimmer, brides are following celebrities' red carpet lead and investing in top-quality undergarments to help make them look and feel their best. Some gown styles pretty much require specialty undergarments, and not wearing them turns into a wedding day look Don't.
  • Belt/Sash for the Wedding Gown
  • Handbag

Additional Cost Items to Look Out For

In addition to the 'usual' accessories, today's stylish brides are dressing up their look, and perhaps using Accessories as a more budget-friendly way to achieve their wedding day 2nd Look than a second gown or dress. Here are some additional accessories to keep in mind as you plan your accessory budget:

  • Jacket/wrap for spring/fall/winter weddings as a warming layer that stands out in style, as well
  • Lace jacket or layer for any season wedding. If your house of worship requires that brides keep their shoulders and arms covered, this 'overlay' of the gown fulfills modesty rules and is easily removed for the post-religious portions of the day
  • Gloves (For ultra-formal weddings or if you just love the look, finding it very Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn in nature)
  • 2nd hair accessories. To create your 2nd Look, you can switch out your traditional headpiece or tiara with a set of jeweled clips and a fresh hairstyle.
  • 2nd Shoes. As gorgeous as those Louboutins that you wore for your ceremony are, you may want a comfier pair of shoes for five hours of dancing, or a classically elegant pair to wear on your wet-grass outdoor ceremony, then change into those Louboutins for the reception.
  • 2nd Jewelry. If you wore heirloom jewelry during your ceremony to pay tribute to your grandmother or mother, you may wish to change into a dazzling new necklace or earrings for the reception. 2nd Look achieved!
  • Hairpins. You'll need them to keep your tiara, headband or a boho floral wreath in place. Keep in mind that bobby pins come in colors to match your haircolor, helping to make them invisible.
  • Getting-Ready robe. Your photographer will be around during your getting-ready hours, which has led to the trend of brides buying matching robes for themselves and their bridesmaids. A stylish robe has taken the place of the button-down shirt brides have long been taught to wear to their beauty appointment, so that their hair and makeup do not get ruined while changing into the dress.
  • Shipping charges for any item ordered online. You'll see this expense included in most of the categories in our report, and we can't emphasize enough that shipping adds up. Sometimes costing more than the item you order. So expect a portion of your budget to go to shipping fees in those instances when you can't snag a free shipping deal online.
  • Accessories you'll buy for the bridesmaids, especially if customized, and shipping costs to have those delivered.
  • Wrapping for bridesmaid gifts.
  • Accessories for the flowergirl.

Why Does It Cost This Much?

For any accessories, the price will of course be affected by the brand and the rarity of the piece, as well as the quality of the materials and construction. Just like with a wedding gown, price elevates when there is a tremendous amount of hand-done embellishing or construction to be done, such as an elaborately-accented crystal tiara.

Wedding shoes are one element that's affected by brand, with many brides choosing top-tier designer shoes as their big indulgence, and we know that some brides spend more on their shoes than on their gown.

Accessories must be durable, to withstand your movements during the entirety of the wedding day, so quality construction comes into play here as well as for looks. And there's no doubt that the best-made, most effective and most flattering undergarments cost a pretty penny, owing to the quality of their construction and their importance to the bride's appearance.

Any hair accessories or jewelry marked 'bridal collection' will almost certainly carry a higher pricetag, since marketing gurus know that these particular buys so enticing in a bridal gown shop and in online collections often create such an emotional connection in the bride that they're willing to spend more. The styling of these accessories creates a vision of the bride's wedding day look, which can lead to self-forgiveness for spending more than planned.

And finally, the popularity of the 2nd Look trend has opened the gates for pricier accessories deemed to create a stunning new look for the reception, again marketed as a savings compared to the cost of another wedding dress. These stunning accessories may be the top-tier designer items, like those Louboutins or a diamond jewelry set that may be a gift from the groom or parents...and the tag of 'Gift' when it comes to what the bride will wear ' immortalized in her memories, something she will be photographed in, and keep forever, accounts for the higher cost of these important and eye-catching pieces.

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