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What's Typically Included in Gifts & Favors > Tips (for all services)

  • Tips given to wedding professional and other professionals assisting on all wedding plans. The most common ones are:
    • Caterer/Banquet manager (15%-20% of catering bill, usually included in contract; however, when manager exceeds expectations, a higher amount may be given)
    • Waitstaff (15% - 20% of catering bill, usually included in contract, and you can give more if you'd like)
    • Bartenders (10% - 20% of the bar tab, usually included in the contract, or $20-$25 per bartender, 'and you can give more)
    • Limousine drivers (15% -20%, usually included in bill, and can be exceeded)
    • Deejay (15% - 20%)
    • Band members and independent musicians ($25 - $40 per band member, more if you'd like)
    • Restroom and coat check: ($1 per guest)
    • Parking attendants ($1 - $2 per car)
    • Delivery workers, such as the ones who bring your bouquets to your getting-ready spot ($5 - $10 per person)

Additional Cost Items to Look Out For

  • Some commonly forgotten tips, as well as ones that may cause some confusion for wedding couples:
    • Officiant ($500+ donation to the house of worship. If an independent officiant, a $50 -$100 tip above bill. You don't tip civil employees, as that is illegal)
    • Ceremony musicians ($15 - $20 per musician, on top of bill)
    • Ceremony workers ($35 - $75 apiece for altar boys, sextons, organist, etc.)
    • Ma'tre d' ($200 - $300)
    • Kitchen staff ($20 - $30 each for chefs, pastry chefs, others in the kitchen)
    • Stylist/makeup artist (15% to 25% of bill)
    • Floral designer (15% on top of bill for exceptional work)
    • Specialty professionals like cigar rollers at cigar bar ($25 to $100 on top of bill)
    • Cake baker (15% for above and beyond)
    • Photographer/videographer ($50 to $200 tip optional on top of bill)
    • Bridal site attendant who brings you drinks during your getting-ready time ($50 to $100)
    • Babysitters ($20 to $50 apiece, depending upon time they work and number of kids, kids' ages, details like feeding the kids, etc.)
    • Pet sitters ($20 to $50 above fee)
    • Housekeeping for your hotel room stay ($5 to $10 for each overnight stay)
    • Doorman/bellman who helps you load your luggage cart at the hotel to bring in wedding supplies and to bring out wedding supplies including wedding gifts [Be generous...this is a lot more work for the bellman than he usually does per arriving/departing guest]
    • Taxi drivers for guests
    • Shuttle bus driver from the hotel ($20 to $40 depending on number of stops)
    • Decorative and labeled tip envelopes, plus a few extras for the tip-handler to use at the wedding
    • Thank-you notes to hold tips or to include in tip envelopes

Why Does It Cost This Much?

These people provide an invaluable service, and behave very professionally for you and for your wedding guests. They will often be doing physical labor, and tasks requiring great concentration and effort, and they do so with a smile. It's just good manners and good karma to tip everyone well.

Ignore that old rule about not tipping the owner of a business. A thank you tip or gift carries a lot of gratitude from you to the professional who mobilized his or her team to assist in excellent care for you.

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