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What's Typically Included in Venue, Catering & Rentals > Wedding Cake/dessert

  • Wedding cake by style, size, number of people to feed, and flavor and filling choices
  • Cake service at the reception
  • Dessert bar stations

Additional Cost Items to Look Out For

  • Unique shapes of cakes
  • Premium list flavors and fillings, since some ' like cannoli cream ' require more ingredients and preparation time
  • Detailed decoration and icing patterns, such as higher price for a detailed fondant-covered cake or a replica of the bride's wedding gown lace iced onto the cake
  • Tiers separated by columns instead of sitting on top of one another
  • Different flavors per pier
  • Several small cakes in place of one larger one
  • Having the top tier to take home and enjoy on your first anniversary
  • Cake-cutting fees, often a few dollars per guest
  • Cake table
  • Cake platter
  • Cake table d'cor, such as flowers and candles
  • Cake cutting knives
  • Cake cutting knives, personalized
  • Cake d'cor accent additions like a brooch
  • Fresh flowers for on top of the cake
  • Cake topper
  • Delivery of the cake
  • Grooms' cake choice and flavors, as well as size
  • Groom's cake table and platter
  • Dessert bar choices, such as pies and mousses, pastries and frosted cookies
  • Candy bar
  • S'mores station
  • Specialty desserts like gluten-free or sugar-free
  • Custom dessert stations like ice cream sundaes
  • Dessert bar rentals such as scoops and cake-cutting knives
  • Plates for the dessert hour
  • Signage for the dessert bars
  • Lighting for illuminating the cake and desserts
  • Delivery of desserts
  • If you've having an at-home wedding, you'll need a sturdy table to hold your cake, and perhaps another one for your desserts

Why Does It Cost This Much?

Bakers use the finest ingredients for wedding cakes and desserts, and that's where a lot of the cost lies, even if you think flour isn't very expensive. Eggs are, as is cream and ricotta cheese, fine dark chocolate and liquors in a boozy cake. Many bakers source the fruits at organic farmer's markets, and acquire pricy professional-grade fondants. They also have a wide array of baking tools and equipment adding to their cost base, and at the top of the 'why does this cost so much' is the time needed to painstakingly pipe on a replica of your wedding gown lace or latticework, tiny birds and realistic-looking flowers. With a team of bakers putting in many hours to make your cake, as well as all of your desserts, hot or cold, the price adds up.

But considering the dessert hour is often providing the last tastes of your wedding day, and another chance to wow guests visually as well as with the scent of those warm pies and cobblers, it's a sensory feast that puts the finishing touches on a truly impressive and unforgettable wedding.

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