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What's Typically Included in Gifts & Favors > Gift/s for Attendants

  • 1 gift per bridal party member
  • Cost of personalizing/monogramming gifts
  • Gift wrapping supplies
  • Greeting Card per recipient

Additional Cost Items to Look Out For

  • Upgraded personalizing/monogramming, such as choosing a style beyond the basic design, choosing a specialty font, including a quote or message on a personalized gift
  • Personalized labels to affix to the gifts
  • DIY supplies for personally-made attendants' gifts
  • Costs of buying different items for each recipient, personalizing the choices, rather than ordering X number of identical items
  • Shipping costs
  • Baggage fees if bringing these gifts to your far-away or destination location

Why Does It Cost This Much?

Wedding couples consider their bridal party gifts to be very important for several reasons:
1. They appreciate the time, effort and money their bridal party members have put into their wedding plans, especially when planning from a distance and traveling often to attend multiple events.
2. They've received cheap bridal party gifts in the past, and they know how disappointing it is after doing so much for the wedding.
3. This is the age of social media sharing. They know their bridal party members will Instagram the gifts they receive, so the visibility factor figures into their decisions.
4. There is a greater other-centrism to weddings than there has been in the past. Couples are extremely conscious of how lucky they are to have so many loved ones in their lives, and they're more generous with the people they adore: in gifts, in experiences, in attention, in caring and support. So, we're seeing more generous bridal party gifts as a values element, and 5. Fabulous bridal party gift items curated for gifting sites impress like never before. We're seeing a much greater range of impressive gifts, at a range of price points, extending beyond the tote bag, makeup bag, and flask that we've all seen too much of during the past decades.

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