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What's Typically Included in Gifts & Favors > Wedding Favors

  • 1 favor per guest, both at the bridal shower and at the wedding
  • Labels
  • Ribbons

Additional Cost Items to Look Out For

  • Display tray, tiered platter or installation on which to display favors
  • D'cor for favor display tray
  • Sign for the favors table
  • Table and linens for the favors table
  • DIY supplies for homemade favors
  • DIY wrapping and label supplies for homemade favors
  • DIY printer ink for homemade labels
  • Custom packaging via favors site
  • Premium flavors for edible favors
  • Refrigeration for edible favors
  • Cost of liquor, wine or microbrew favors
  • Travel to get beverage favors
  • Favor order delivery
  • Rush delivery
  • Tipping for delivery workers
  • Replacement fees in case of bad DIY or damage
  • Delivery of favors to event site
  • Assistant's work in setting up favors, and in removing remaining favors
  • Extra favors as keepsakes
  • Dessert bar sweets, bowls, vessels and scoops for the dessert bar to double as a favors bar.
  • Dessert bar take-home containers, baggies, twist ties and labels for optimal dual-use as a help-yourself favors bar.

Why Does It Cost This Much?

Favors are, quite simply, a higher priority now. Dollar-store items are not going to impress in our current wedding world of top-name truffles, champagne minis and cashmere favors. It's not unusual to see bridal shower favors include a lovely perfume or other indulgence. And where couples used to offer a 2-pack of truffles, they're now springing for the 12-pack.

The number of favors needed, blended with this focus on quality and brand name, makes this a pricier-than-expected category.

We're no longer in the era of skipping favors and just making a donation to a cause. Couples who do opt to make a donation still offer their guests some kind of takeaway, even if it's just a baggie of sweets from the dessert bar.

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