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What's Typically Included in Invitations > Ceremony Programs

  • 1 printed wedding program per guest, ordered or DIY-made

Additional Cost Items to Look Out For

  • Cost of paper stock type, with some card stocks costing more for glossy or textured designs
  • Cost of 3D programs such as those printed on hand-held paper fans
  • Printer ink for DIY programs
  • Specialty ink colors, fonts or designs for DIY programs
  • Extra charges for adding photos to your program design
  • Graphic design software ordered for print items
  • Ribbons, glue-on crystals and other embellishments
  • Cut-out craft tools or hole punches for DIY projects
  • Design of a custom monogram for the programs
  • A basket or vessel in which to display your print programs, for guests to take their own or for an assistant to use in handing out programs to arriving guests
  • Any special inserts, such as a tissue in a pocket fold
  • Shipping of ordered programs
  • The cost of bringing them to your ceremony site
  • Frames for displaying your program in your home later

Why Does It Cost This Much?

Anything guests touch at the wedding needs to be of the utmost quality, and wedding programs are one of the first things guests will be handed on the wedding day. So card stock needs to be higher in quality to impress well, and to make your print look its best. Certain print processes cost more than others, and your choices of upgraded font style, color, metallics and other details will all add up to the total cost of this item.

Considering the importance of the wording in the program ' the who's who, the steps of your ceremony, any special tributes to your departed loved ones, a thank-you message to your parents and guests, special care is given to designing these print items to match the elevated style of all wedding design items.

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