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What's Typically Included in Invitations > Invitations & Reply Cards

  • Save-the-date cards
  • Wedding Invitations
  • Response cards
  • Reception cards
  • Inner and outer envelopes
  • Additional print invitations and envelopes, such as for the rehearsal dinner
  • DIY invitation supplies, including cards, envelopes, printer ink, embellishments

Additional Cost Items to Look Out For

  • Custom design
  • Custom fonts
  • Custom monogram or logo
  • Brand name of invitation company
  • High-quality paper stock
  • Organic paper stock
  • Paper stock with shimmer
  • Large invitations
  • Specialty shape invitations
  • Thicker/heavier invitation sets
  • Invitation design, such as intricate laser cut-outs
  • Using a font on the invitation company's 'extra charge' list instead of the ones on their standard list
  • Using more than two types of fonts on your invitation, which leads to an added charge
  • Using an ink color on the invitation company's list of 'extra charge' ink colors instead of their standard ink colors
  • Pocket invitations require more materials and construction than single panel invitations
  • Print method ' engraving is the most expensive type of print method
  • Needing 10% to 15% more than your guest list in case of errors and the need for sending out more
  • Needing more envelopes, to allow for inevitable errors in hand-writing addresses
  • Rush orders
  • 2nd orders when an error is discovered on the first one
  • Packaging for 3D invitations
  • Envelope liners
  • Return address labels for non-wedding invitations
  • Shipping costs for your order
  • Postage to mail out invitations and cards
  • International postage
  • Calligrapher hired to hand-write your invitation to be copied, as well as your envelope addressing

Why Does It Cost This Much?

Save-the-Dates and Invitations make the first impression of your wedding, and of your style and taste level, which creates a vast level of initial importance, made even more notable since this is an item that guests will hold in their hands, see up close, feel the texture, marvel over the laser-cut lace details on the front or the pockets within. Invitations are art, and a sensory joy, created using the finest papers and inks, finely detailed fonts, hand-painted florals and other finery.

The invitation is very often photographed on the wedding day, paired with the rings as a sign of the invitation's importance to the day, and framed after the wedding day to serve as a daily reminder of all that went into and went on at the wedding.

Invitations created by invitation designers, and not spat out of an invitation company's printer, take mountains of time to create in painstaking detail, and artists and printers invest in high-quality papers, inks and equipment used to create these pretty print items. So, several cost-boosting factors come together in this and in all print categories in our report, with Invitations carrying the additional boost of being an Excitement, a symbol of Anticipation, an emotional pop of 'this is really happening.' Something wonderful happens when the wedding couple receive their invitations package in the mail...a switch flips and there is a deeper appreciation for all that's going on, all that's left to you, and the person with whom you're planning to spend your life.

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