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What's Typically Included in Invitations > Reception Menus

  • Reception menu cards, one per guest table, or one per guest plate ' ordered or DIY project
  • If ordered, shipping
  • If made, DIY supplies such as paper stock and computer ink, fabric backing, tassels and other embellishments

Additional Cost Items to Look Out For

  • Menu card stands if they will stand up on guest tables
  • Extra menu cards ordered to have on hand and as keepsakes
  • Calligrapher or artist if you'd like these hand-created or personalized with each guest's name on a menu card, as is a top trend
  • Replacement DIY products

Why Does It Cost This Much?

Reception menu cards can wind up costing far more than originally expected, depending on the quality of paper stock, your chosen production method ' ordered from an invitation company, commissioned from an artist, or made yourself ' the number of menu cards you need, and if you'll customize each of them with a guest's name.

Some menu cards are created to match the formal invitations in every way, from the engraved printing that is more expensive than other printing processes, and some feature hand-drawn calligraphy and artwork embellishments, gold leaf borders, crystal accenting, and other marks of fine creation. So, these may be very much on par with the cost of formal wedding invitations themselves, an expense that can surprise.

As you read in earlier print categories, the expenses incurred by DIY projects can be lofty as well, with the purchase and shipping of card stock essential to the design of these menus, the high cost of printing ink and craft supplies. As for any DIY project, you'll need to buy enough to allow you to re-make all or most of your project, or face the cost of re-ordering materials from scratch and rush-ordering them for higher shipping cost.

Consider menu cards to be one of those wedding details that can sneak up on you in terms of grabbing a larger portion of your budget than you expected, and be prepared to make room for the amount. Menu cards are a beautiful way to personalize your day, and add some impressive design detail to your tablescapes.

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