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What's Typically Included in Invitations > Table Name and Escort/place Cards

  • Cards for hand-lettering escort/place cards
  • Cards for creating table number signs
  • Print design on table number cards

Additional Cost Items to Look Out For

  • Calligraphy, colored or metallic pen for writing out your escort/place cards
  • Display rack for pinning place/escort cards in a vertical display
  • Tiers or trays on which escort/place cards are displayed
  • Table linens for place card display
  • Bed of leaves or other accents on which escort/place cards are set
  • Ribbons, twine or other materials used to affix cards to their display
  • DIY items like leaves or stones on which cards are affixed
  • Favors like mini bottles of rum, truffle boxes and metal keys to which place cards are affixed
  • Rental of furniture on which escort/place cards will be displayed
  • D'cor for escort/place card table: flowers, vases, candles, framed signs of photos
  • Specialty lighting for the escort/place card table
  • Big mirror or glass door/window to replace printed escort/place cards, with guest names and table numbers written on it
  • Delivery to venue

Why Does It Cost This Much?

A lot more design is going into the creation and display of place cards; since this is the first big visual impact item guests may see at the wedding venue. With so many gorgeous design ideas now shown on Pinterest and Instagram, place card prettiness and impressive displays have become a very In trend for weddings, one that now takes a larger slice of the budget than this category did in the past.

Larger display pieces like tables and stand mirrors have entered this sector as a top design element, much in-demand, and sourcing these large display pieces may include rental fees, delivery and return fees, and deposits to guard against damage of these display pieces.

Lighting for this table has become a big focus, with candles and specialty lighting trained on the card displays to make them look like works of art (and help guests be able to spot their names in your venue's dim lighting.)

And a large floral arrangement or a line of tall florals behind the place cards also boosts your floral order for this table that is now getting far more design thought than it ever has. We can barely remember the days when a white tablecloth-covered table held just the rows of tented place cards.

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