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What's Typically Included in Photography & Video > Wedding Photographer

  • Photographer's service for X hours, according to package selected
  • Their equipment and batteries for their functionality
  • Their filters and basic editing
  • A send of proofs in an online gallery
  • X number of prints, enlargements, etc. according to package chosen

Additional Cost Items to Look Out For

  • Photographer's travel time, distance and tolls. Along with videographer, photographer's time starts when he or she leaves the studio and ends upon return. Additional travel time is factored for multiple location shooting.
  • Photographer's assistant(s)
  • 2nd/3rd shooter
  • Feeding photographers and assistants
  • Overtime, including taking too much time with your getting-ready photos, taking up time in your package so that the end of your reception becomes overtime.
  • Spontaneous requests, such as staying after the reception to shoot the after-party
  • Special request editing, such as editing a person out of photos and all manner of digital editing on photos
  • Same-day edit to display ceremony photos at the reception
  • Laptop or screen to display images at the wedding
  • Photographer-editing montage of your personal photos to display at the reception
  • Lodging for your photographer that you have brought to your far-away wedding location or destination wedding. Some couples bring their photographer with them, preferring to hire a photo pro they interview, rather than a suggested one from an island resort. When you bring your pro along, you will pay for their travel, lodging, meals and drinks.
  • Buying the rights to your wedding photos. Some photo professionals require couples to buy the rights to their wedding photos in order to use them as they wish. If your contract says the photographer owns copyright for your images, you may find that the photographer requires payment for you to use the photos you paid for, such as in bridal magazine stories about your big day. While many wedding photographers are happy to let couples use their own wedding photos, with a link provided or a watermark, others hold draconian rules about getting money for the use of images.

Why Does It Cost This Much?

Time, editing work, updating cameras and editing software and equipment, studio overhead and, again, time. It takes a long time to edit photos ' far more than it takes to shoot the photos, obviously, so wedding photographer fees reflect a greater degree of effort than you might know goes into each wedding they shoot, which can be several on every weekend and a few on weekdays.

This wedding professional is also one who is out and among your wedding guests, interacting with them, behaving professionally with and around them, reflecting well on you. When they are enjoyable and friendly, they add to the wedding experience. A trained and experienced photographer (who costs more than novice) brings the value of interactions with guests as they capture all of your loved ones on film, and when they're really good at what they do, they bring out extra magic in your wedding experience and in guest moments to capture, delivering golden images of your guests relaxed and social, their happiness captured by the photographer.

And again, wedding photographers offer a valuable service: they immortalize so many special moments from your day, so that you can perhaps see them for the first time, experience them all over again, see new things in them, have wonderful memories captured and relationships reflected. A photograph captures one moment in time, but each photograph at a wedding captures so much more than that. It captures the many, many nuances of a relationship, many layers of emotion, a dream coming true.

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