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What's Typically Included in Planner/Consultant > Full Service

  • Pre-planning meetings on a scheduled basis
  • As-needed planning appointments
  • Venue-touring appointment(s)
  • Assistants' help on wedding plans
  • Day-of coordination

Additional Cost Items to Look Out For

  • Extra meetings above and beyond scheduled meetings
  • Emergency meetings
  • Hiring planner to work on additional events, such as a welcome party, the rehearsal dinner, the morning-after breakfast, etc.
  • Feeding planner and assistants at the wedding
  • Tipping
  • Travel fees for planner and for assistants
  • Communication fees, such as calling planner in a far-away location where your wedding or destination wedding will take place.
  • Thank-you card and gift

Why Does It Cost This Much?

Again, a wedding coordinator holds the success of your wedding day in his or her hands. He or she designs and oversees the creation of your wedding vision, bringing to you the best candidates for your wedding vendor services, keeping known bad ones away, and dedicating a tremendous amount of time and energy to your wedding wishes.

They become not just a worker, but a confidante and friend, and in all the time you require their attention, they're not spending time with their own family and friends. You're a high priority to them, and they bring the entirety of their experience, training and expertise to you. Top planners with mounds of experience can charge higher budget amounts, and the time of year, and day of week, also factor into wedding planners' fees due to higher demand in peak season and perhaps a bit more availability in off-peak months near you. Like all event vendors, they may offer discount prices for January or February events (or whichever months are off-peak in your location) to attract a steady flow of bookings.

Full-service packages also include very detailed proposals that take a planner a long time to put together, detailing every single element and time charts, so that you'll know what's included and not included in your package. The planner spends a lot of time behind the scenes creating the time charts and flowcharts, directions lists and ultra-detailed pickup and drop-off times for everyone on your list, and when you see our itinerary, you might not think about the hours spent going through notes, making changes to the charts to reflect all of your requests, assistants' help with detailing plans, time spent checking with other vendors, etc. The cost of a wedding planner is affected by the time spent on all the tasks they often make look so easy.

Wedding planners don't just show up and point to where flowers and people should go. This is likely more work, time, effort and care than any professional will ever devote to something important to you.

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