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What's Typically Included in Venue, Catering & Rentals > Other Transportation

  • Wedding day taxi rides for you and for guests
  • Wedding day trolley ride for your guests
  • Boat arrival or departure
  • Horse and carriage booking
  • Shuttle bus provided by the hotel

Additional Cost Items to Look Out For

  • Price variations at certain times of the year, such as higher costs during peak wedding season
  • Permits and fees for specialty transportation such as horse and carriage
  • Transportation company fees for overtime, surcharges and tolls
  • Transportation fees for any damages to vehicles
  • D'cor for specialty transportation, like signs for the back of the car or carriage
  • Plan B transportation in case the weather doesn't allow for horse and carriage ride or boat arrival or departure
  • Tipping for drivers
  • Overtime fees
  • Transportation fees for guests arriving in town for your wedding, if you choose to pick up these costs

Why Does It Cost This Much?

The importance of arriving at your venue in style creates a demand for wedding packages with specialty transportation company owners, and while taxi rides may cost a low amount, you may opt to pick up the charges for all of your guests' rides to the reception.

Costs can add up due to the transportation company's maintenance of their vehicles, their fees for transporting the vehicle to your site and back, care and supplies needed for the horse(s,) and overtime is where you're really going to feel the pinch. Some companies charge a lot for overtime.

Hidden surcharges also add to your bill, such as fuel surcharges, and the very unexpected billing of extra fees during rush hour, with the costs graded. For instance, a 9am rush hour fee may be an extra $20, while a 6pm rush hour fee may be $40. Each transportation company or individual renting out his vehicle will maintain their own lists of extra costs, so check these carefully before signing on the dotted line.

You may choose to pay for your guests' extra transportation to your venue, such as a towncar from the airport to the hotel, or paying a friend to transport them in and back to the airport later. Some wedding locations are accessible only by ferry or seaplane, so after guests pay for their own airfare to get to your wedding location, you'll likely pick up these extra transportation costs for them. That can be very pricy, depending on where you are and on the time of year when your wedding takes place. If your transportation will be booked for a Saturday during peak wedding months, it will cost more than for a Thursday night wedding in March.

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