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What's Typically Included in Venue, Catering & Rentals > Wedding Venue Location

  • Ceremony location for a set amount of time, including pre- and post-ceremony getting-eady time and photos
  • Cocktail party location, as per venue's hours and details by package
  • Reception location, as per venue's hours and details by package
  • Free parking and valet
  • Use of their bridal suite prior to the ceremony for getting ready and photos
  • Use of their grounds for photos
  • Existing decor
  • Attendants employed by the venue to see to your needs, bring you drinks, etc.
  • Some venues may include the wedding cake

Additional Cost Items to Look Out For

  • Time of year, day of week and time of day affecting the price packages for ceremony and reception venues
  • Location of your wedding, the town it's located in, may affect the cost of your location
  • Location fees for landmark, historic, garden and other specialty locations
  • Permits for use of wedding setting, such as permits to use a beach for your wedding ceremony
  • Insurance required by historic settings and landmark settings
  • Upgrades to wedding package, including adding more cocktail party stations to the location's offerings
  • Rentals needed for some types of locations, such as 'blank spaces' that need all tables, chairs, linens, etc. brought in to create the wedding's many details
  • Specialty lighting for the venue(s)
  • D'cor in every space of the location, from ballrooms to bathrooms
  • Home wedding needs: rentals, cleaning pre-wedding, cleaning post-wedding, redecorating/painting, setup, takedown, insurance, generators, parking permits, portable bathrooms, and more ' all coordinator-suggested items for turning your home into your wedding's location
  • Heat/AC rentals for some locations that don't have heat or AC on their own
  • Additional rentals needed by the caterer when your venue doesn't have a professional kitchen. Some chefs need an additional catering tent if your location doesn't have a sufficient kitchen.
  • Valet fees
  • Coat check fees
  • Security
  • Tipping for location employees (see our Tipping section)

Why Does It Cost This Much?

This is your wedding's home. It has to look pristine, show off a dazzling design, meet your wedding's needs, provide ample space for all of your guests and the functionality of the wedding (from cocktail party to dinner to dancing, etc.) Prices include use, often private use, of a very special location adding a tremendous amount of character and visual beauty to your wedding day, plus ' and this is big ' the utmost professional service by the location's employees. This is part of what boosts price in this sector, a surprising factor to many wedding couples. It takes a company thousands of dollars to find, train, and maintain top-tier employees, so the cost of having the best people working on your wedding ' elevating it at every moment ' accounts for some of the high price.

You'll also need to expect overhead at a wedding location. All of that marble doesn't clean itself, the chandeliers don't maintain themselves, the kitchen's top-quality chefs' tools and oven doesn't come cheap, energy costs would drop your jaw, and then there's taxes and insurance coming into play. A venue spends a lot of money to exist and perform at its high level, and the weddings and events the location hosts take a share of their expenses, in addition to the expenses needed to fulfill all of your wedding wishes.

And of course, a location that doesn't have its own full collection of chairs, tables, linens, serveware, barware, flatware, and stemware will require you to rent a jaw-dropping number of expected and unexpected items throughout your wedding day. So the price of snagging that fabulous, unique wedding venue? It could be staggering, but understandable when you look in-depth at all that keeps the site running optimally, at what they do to create your wedding setting, and when you paint your own wedding scene in a venue, a single installation or view can create a million-dollar effect.

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