It's Time We Get Some Real Insights for Event Industry Pros.

Sure there are lots of surveys out there, but few of them drill down to industry segments and many of them are one offs.

The problem with this is they aren't local, they aren't segmented and they don't cross reference other data sources (hello local Bureau of Labor statistics!)

Think of planners, florists, bakers, DJs and rental companies. They're all different right? They all prioritize different business expenses to grow and go to different conferences and maybe even market differently.

Or think of the difference between Austin, TX and Austin, NV. You wouldn't use Texas data to market your Nevada wedding or event business, would you?

So why should you want to settle for insights that lump everyone together?

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We're working on a long-term, multi-year project in order to offer industry pros comprehensive and actionable data and insights. We believe that when businesses have access to better information, it strengthens the industry and helps businesses thrive in any market.

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  • A business comparison report that shows you how you stack up to other vendors in your segment based on the 10 key business insights every business owner should be tracking. View Sample Report
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  • A comprehensive industry report as soon as we get more than 400 Samples.
  • Notification first when local industry and segment reports become available.
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What do you do with the data?

All data is aggregated by industry segment and cross-referenced with other local, industry and economic data to model patterns and trends

How do you ensure my privacy?

All responses are anonymous. No individual identifiers are retained.

What if I'm not an event pro, but serve the industry as a consultant, media outlet or influencer?

The Business Compare Survey is only available for industry pros. However consultants, influencers, agencies and freelancers who share the survey will get a free national report. If you'd like to share the survey and get a free report when its ready, please reach out to us at:

Who is The Wedding Report?

Details about who we are and what we do can be found here: About Us

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