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The Wedding Report, Inc. is a research company that collects wedding statistics for the wedding industry. Since 2005 we've collected over 600,000 survey samples and hundreds of thousands of other facts about the wedding industry. We've helped over a million couples better understand how the decisions they make impact how much they spend. We've also helped tens of thousands of businesses and researchers all over the world gain a better understanding of the wedding industry. We're the no.1 Source of Un-biased Wedding Statistics

Shane McMurray

Shane McMurray CEO & Founder

My goal is to help you generate more profit, build a better marketing message, make superior pricing decisions, close more sales, generate more qualified leads, identify your core customer, get funding, and find the best opportunities by providing a realistic, unbiased understanding of the wedding market through independent research.

My research has been mentioned in Axios, Bloomberg, FastCompany, Forbes, Los Angeles Times, NPR, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and hundreds of other publications, magazines, books, and news articles worldwide. My research is also used by tourism boards, government agencies, investment firms, insurance companies, students and researchers.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and a Master of Business Administration E-Business. I have 20 plus years' experience working with information and data. And I have 15 plus years' experience researching the wedding industry.

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Axios Bloomberg Fast Company Forbes Los Angeles Times NPR New York Times The Washington Post The Wall Street Journal

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