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What's Typically Included in Photography & Video > Wedding album/s or photo book/s

  • Depending on wedding photo album package chosen, a wedding couple photo album containing X number of edited photos, with specialty photo layout
  • Choice of album materials from the company's tiered pricing layout: cloth cover, linen cover, leather cover.
  • At least one additional album for parents

Additional Cost Items to Look Out For

  • Upgrading album cover material. For instance, Shutterfly's sample pricing (current at the time of this writing) has cloth album covers at $34, linen album covers at $44 and leather album covers at $44. We also see crushed silk material used for album covers, again at a boosted cost. Soft cover albums are priced at $19.99. Keep in mind that these are prices set by a known online photo ordering company, and professional photographers may set higher prices to cover their time and work on your order re: design and photo selection.
  • Hardcover photo-feature album covers take specialty styling and construction, at a price $10 higher than a standard, soft album cover.
  • Padded album cover, with or without a photo window die-cut into the album's styling is a bit more at $34.99, due to the crafting necessary, using specialty materials.
  • Die-cut windows in the album cover add to the cost of construction, as an upgraded style of album.
  • Upgrading the size of your primary album and/or additional albums. For instance, an 8x8 album may cost $54.99 (as we see on Shutterfly,) an 8x11 album may cost $79.99, a 10x10 album may cost $94.99, a 12x12 album may cost $114.99, an 11x14 may cost $134.99 ' and keep in mind that this is ordering through the online photo company. Not the costs for ordering albums through your professional photographer, which may cost more to build in the company's markups or materials and labor if the company makes their own albums. For photographers who do send out to a particular album creation company, prices are set higher to allow the photography company to make a bit of money, or they'll take a portion of a set amount.
  • Additional album pages, which may cost $.65 for 8x8 up to $2.29 for 11x14, or more when ordered from a professional photographer.
  • Archival quality paper stock
  • Double-thick lay-flat pages
  • Monogrammed or personalized album cover
  • Different photo selections for parent recipients, customizing the photo album to them, rather than simply ordering a smaller version of your wedding album design as gifts for parents
  • Editing beyond the basics
  • Captions
  • Borders
  • Dust jackets
  • Delivery costs

Why Does It Cost This Much?

As one of the only parts of your wedding day that you can hold in your hands in the future, and with the importance of these photos capturing priceless memories of moments and people, the value of a wedding album skyrockets, bring the cost up with it.

Add in quality of construction and the tools and materials needed to create an album that looks sensational and lasts forever, and you hit upon every detail that can make a wedding item expensive.

For wedding photographers who send out their carefully curated and edited photo collection files to a trusted company that makes the physical album, it's a tremendous amount of work and many hours of using expensive computer equipment, to create each album. It can take a photographer weeks to edit a wedding's photos, and from there, album photos may be selected, and painstaking editing work adds up to time and labor that we know from all other creative and emotionally-loaded categories adds up to a high-value and high-cost purchase.

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