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What's Typically Included in Invitations > Postage

  • Postage for the inner and outer invitation envelopes, plus for the response cards

Additional Cost Items to Look Out For

  • Postage for save-the-date cards
  • Postage for thank-you notes
  • Increased postage for larger, square or irregularly-shaped invitations and other envelopes
  • International postage
  • Custom postage stamps
  • Custom return address labels
  • Trip to post office to weigh a sample invitation before affixing postage stamps to all invitations
  • Cost of extra postage if you need to re-send any envelopes that didn't have proper postage, discovered at the post office or bounced back to you

Why Does It Cost This Much?

Postage rates are determined by the U.S. postal service, so the number of invitations you have, and the weight, size and shape of your invitation envelopes, will determine your cost in this sector. If you have internationally-based guests, you will need to affix the proper postage to get their invitation to them.

And, of course, if you skip the essential step of getting one sample invitation's inner and outer envelopes weighed at the post office, you could incur double the cost for a re-send of your invitations.

We're also seeing additional invitations mailed out, such as invitations for far-off friends to be your bridesmaids, complete with a shipped box of gifts for each, and invitations to the rehearsal dinner and other events, which will increase your amount of postage needed.

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