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For the groom and for all of his men the most commonly-searched and 'shopped wedding tuxedo / suit accessories include:

  • Vests
  • Cummerbunds
  • Bow ties
  • Ties
  • Shirts
  • Shoes
  • Socks (Black or trendy colored or patterned)
  • Cufflinks and studs
  • Pocket square

Additional Cost Items to Look Out For

The men care very much about their look for the wedding day, so there's a bit more shopping going on than just what's on display at the tux rental place. Plus, some items may be gifts for the guys from the groom, including personalized cufflinks, specialty cufflinks like Batman logos and college logos. So the costs of accessories here may boost the budget in the mens' accessory category. Additional cost items to look out for include the following:

  • Undershirts, a surprising entry in this category but very essential, especially if the men will wear button-down shirts with a suit. You'll want all the men to look uniform, not having some with V-neck undershirts showing through their dress shirts.
  • Tie bars and tie tacks
  • Collar stays
  • Collar extenders
  • Button covers
  • Lapel pins
  • Gloves for ultra-formal or cultural weddings
  • Additional cultural wedding men's accessories
  • Spats
  • Suspenders
  • Hats
  • Shoe polish, an important buy that can be shared among the men, but if the groom doesn't have a shine kit on-hand, this is one of those doesn't-cost-much-but-we-need-it items that can add up the budget extras.
  • Shipping charges for any items ordered online.
  • Wrapping for accessory gifts. A most often-forgotten price.
  • Accessories for the ring bearers, if different from the men's

Why Does It Cost This Much?

Brand-name and designer menswear that's not on sale can cost a pretty penny, available in fine fabrics and fabulous construction creating a look that simply has to be accessorized in upscale style. So, more formal accessories like bowties and cufflinks need to coordinate in quality. We see top designers paying attention to men's accessories in their collections, and we know that many grooms hold a similar mindset to the bride: 'This accessory is for my wedding day, and I want the best.' Grooms want to own their shoes more often now, not rent ones from the tux shop, so we're seeing a larger investment in top quality men's dress shoes for the wedding day. A great pair of designer shoes can cost hundreds of dollars, just like the bride's, and they'll last for re-wearing's in the future.

There is also the cost of customizing men's accessories, like those cufflinks and lapel pins that may have a monogram, or be commissioned to an Etsy artist who makes stellar, custom accessories.

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