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What's Typically Included in Venue, Catering & Rentals > Limo Rental

  • Limousine or classic car for wedding couple, in chosen package, for a ride to the ceremony and then to the reception
  • Stretch limousine/SUV for the bridal party
  • Limousine for the parents
  • Gratuity included in contract

Additional Cost Items to Look Out For

  • Time of year, as costs may be higher during wedding/prom season due to demand
  • Type of vehicle, from a 6-passenger limo to a 14-passenger stretch SUV to a 25-passenger party bus
  • Classic car options beyond Rolls Royce ' unique classic or exotic cars come at a price since they're not booked everyday
  • # of cars booked
  • Booking a car to wait through your reception, and take you to your hotel afterward
  • Color of car booked. Some companies charge more for their 'bridal white' limos than their black limos.
  • Distance needed; some rental companies charge more for trips over 20 miles, and have ranges of distances to configure cost
  • Fuel surcharges for certain vehicles
  • Administration charges; some companies charge an additional 10% for their reservations services and other admin expenses
  • Rush hour fees; some companies charge extra fees for rides during rush hour, with different amounts charged by the hours in question, such as an extra $10 for 2pm to 7pm [and note that school let-out time of 2om constitutes rush hour!]
  • Tolls
  • Parking fees
  • Multiple stops command higher costs
  • Refreshments in the car provided by the car rental company
  • Wedding extras like red carpet and champagne bucket
  • Overtime
  • Tipping you'd like to do above and beyond the tip included in your contract
  • Any fees for damage to the inside of the car

Why Does It Cost This Much?

The limo or car rental company spends a lot to acquire, maintain and fuel their vehicles, and the time and pay for a driver adds up to a significant cost absorbed by customers. The real cost danger here is overtime, which can be easy to get into during your fun and distracting wedding day ' especially if you'll have your limousine stick around throughout your reception in order to then take you to your hotel at the end of the night. That plan is something of a rarity these days, but we include it here because it is still on the scene.

There are multiple charges included in this category, including unexpected little surcharges and fees that don't break the bank but certainly can edge your costs up.
And let's not forget that a classic car or limousine is part of the bridal fantasy, so it commands expenses, and it's one of the only wedding day plans centered around your safety, providing a safe driver during a day and night when you may have had a lot to drink. So, with the added value of your life, this category creates a good blip on your budget radar.

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