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What's Typically Included in Venue, Catering & Rentals > Wedding Venue Rentals

  • Rentals needed for engagement party if held at home or blank event space, including tables, chairs, linens, glassware, tableware, stemware, serving platters and more
  • Rentals needed for bridal shower if held at home or at a blank event space
  • Rentals needed for wedding weekend welcome party/dinner for wedding guests
  • Rentals needed for wedding morning breakfast
  • Rentals needed for wedding
  • Rentals needed for after-party
  • Rentals needed for morning-after breakfast
  • Rentals needed for any wedding weekend events

Some of the top rental items include:

  • Tables
    • Round
    • Square
    • Rectangular
    • Long
    • Buffet
    • Display
    • Cake table
  • Chairs
    • Ceremony
    • Cocktail hour
    • Reception
    • Lounge area seating
    • Bar stools
  • Linens
    • Tablecloths
    • Runners
    • Napkins
    • Chair covers/sashes
    • Cake table linens
    • Aisle runner, non-personalized
  • China
    • Chargers
    • Plates
    • Salad plates
    • Soup bowls
    • Bread plates
    • Dessert plates
    • Cups and saucers
    • Creamers
  • Glassware
    • Champagne flutes
    • Red, white and rose wine glasses
    • Highballs
    • Old fashioned's
    • Tumblers
    • Goblets
    • Martini glasses
    • Margarita glasses
    • Beer mugs
    • Shot glasses
    • Water goblets
  • Flatware
    • Utensils, including formal place setting items like shrimp forks and escargot clips
    • Serving utensils
    • Cake serving utensils
    • Chef knives
  • Service Equipment
    • Ice Chest/Bucket/Scoops
    • Pitchers
    • Punch bowl/ladle
    • Waiter trays and stands
    • Prep tables
    • Food warming trays
  • Tenting
    • Tents
    • Caterer tents
    • Tent poles and structures
    • Marquee/Covered Walkway
    • Side Walls
    • Ceiling liner
    • Wall liner
    • French doors
    • Clear-top tenting
    • Securing anchors
    • Tent lighting
    • Flooring within tent
  • Comfort items
    • Heating units
    • Cooling fans
    • Porta-Potty or restroom upscale camper
    • Generator(s)

Additional Cost Items to Look Out For

  • The most often-forgotten rental items:
    • Stages
    • Couches
    • End tables and coffee tables for lounge-type seating areas
    • Highboy tables and chairs for lounge-type seating areas
    • Chandeliers
    • Light strings
    • Lanterns
    • Tiki torches
    • Children's-size table and chairs
    • Table overlay linens
    • Specialty dinnerware, such as individual soy sauce dipper plates for sushi or round olive oil plates for dipping at tables
    • Tongs
    • Side tables set up for guests' disposal of cocktail party plates and glasses
    • Trash receptacle and trash bags
    • Recycling containers and trash bags
    • Passing trays
    • Plate covers
    • Chair cushions
    • Lawn games for the cocktail party
    • Gift envelope birdcage
    • Gift envelope card box
    • Candelabras
    • Sweetheart table linens, if different from guest table linens
    • Media display equipment and screens
    • Large d'cor items like French doors, Victorian mirrors, other furniture
    • Food carts
  • Rush orders, when you've forgotten something important, like all the plates for the dessert hour
  • Late returns (such as your volunteer returning rented items after the deadline of noon, incurring another day's rental)
  • Replacement fees for any broken items
  • High demand time pricing, like wedding and graduation season when rentals are in demand, as well as holiday weekends
  • Rentals available from your floral designer and wedding coordinator; extra design pieces they have left over from other weddings or larger installations they rent out, like Victorian furniture
  • Getting rental items from multiple sites and sources
  • Delivery fees
  • Repair or replacement fees
  • Thank you gifts and card for items loved ones let you borrow, not rent or buy, for your wedding celebration

Why Does It Cost This Much?

That is a long shopping list. And the items on it are used in so many different ways in guests' hands-on experience. While wine glasses may cost just a few dollars apiece to rent, it's the volume of your order, those many different kinds of specialty barware pieces, tons of different elements of a formal place setting (for each of your guests!) and the items needed to make your wedding functional as well as beautiful that turn this category into a surprisingly high number.

This is not a time for the basic white plates from the budget rentals list, nor skipping all of those different kinds of wine glasses in favor of a white wine glass 'that will do.' No, guests know their glassware and their flatware, and they're equal connoisseurs of table linens, having seen so many on bridal social media, Instagram and Pinterest. They can look at a photo of an outdoor ceremony, and raise an eyebrow at what are obviously polyester chair sashes from some no-name brand. This is a case in which all the littlest details make big impressions on their own (a ladle with an ornate scrolled handle) and in tandem with other wedding details (the cluster of gorgeous stemware at each place setting, reflecting the candlelight and beckoning your first glass of champagne or wine.) So this sector does cost a lot, from pure numbers and variety, plus the quality of top-tier brands.

Also of extreme importance: those comfort items ' the heating units, cooling units, and especially generators that will help keep you and your guests comfortable on hot, cold, rainy, snowy or humid days, and help prevent disaster if a power source fails. No lights, no music, no food = your party's pretty much over.

As much as it costs to rent this large supply of items for your wedding day, add in what you need for events you'll host at home, like an engagement party, bridal shower, morning-of breakfast, morning-after breakfast and more. While your rentals shopping list won't likely be as huge as the one for your wedding, for each party you'll have a rentals shopping list to fulfill. Multiplying all the costs of this category turn up the dial on just how much you'll spend here.

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