Adrienne Brink of Uncommon Camellia talks about what's not working

Adrienne Brink of Uncommon Camellia talks about what's not working


Shane: So what would you say is not working well? I mean, what?

Adrienne: Yeah, so one thing I'm really like working on right now to try to improve something that's not working well is. You know, so we talked before about like this detailed timeline that we use and we spend like a significant amount of time creating a timeline and. And then like editing it, just making it a document that everybody can use. And that's also like visually appealing. You know, he gives them vendors like a 15 page document. Nobody reads it. They don't use it. So you put a lot of work into kind of developing something. But it's still just like time consuming. So. Yeah, I think there's a lot of different like we use honey books, there's all these different sort of client management systems out there that that help with different aspects of process. But that's one piece that. You know, like we're struggling with like I think we're spending too much time doing that. And, you know, there's an app for everything.

Shane: Do you feel like you have to piece it all together? Right.

Adrienne: Well, yeah. You're pulling information from all the different pros and everybody's got their own timeline. They've all got their own questionnaire. And, you know, I'm not really seeing like any specific app or even like The Knot or any Web site doing a good enough job at that, where any where, you know, like all these vendors would say, OK, we're all going to use the knot questions and like everybodys gonna put their information into the same document and pull from that. So, you know, we're trying to kind of do some work on our end to make it better for us. But I see that as like, you know, it's really not working that well that a client has to fill out a questionnaire for a deejay, a photographer, a videographer, a wedding coordinator, a venue. They just write the same information over and over.

Shane: Yeah. Yes. So what you're saying is, is there should be something that a couple should fill out. That generally applies to everybody that they might need.

Adrienne: Yeah. And like everyone was like pulling from an. Yeah.

Shane: I mean, it might be a hundred questions, But yeah. But it would be helpful for everybody down the line. Right. That's trying to get into this.

Adrienne: Yeah. Well I think that the way clients feel is like I don't really mind giving you the information. I just don't like sending different people the same information in different formats.

Shane: Yeah, I agree with that. It's like going to the doctor right when you guys already have all my stuff on file, why do I got to fill out this paperwork again? Right.

Adrienne: Right. I mean, we're not like doing anything that's confidential, so it's not like it really can't be passed along between vendors.

Shane: Agree.

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