Adrienne Brink of Uncommon Camellia talks about why having multiple people on your team to prevents "burnt out"

Adrienne Brink of Uncommon Camellia talks about why having multiple people on your team to prevents "burnt out"


Shane: So for you like, business, what do you think's working well, business wise? Like what's working well, that's that's really helping you.

Adrienne: Yeah. OK. So. Maybe it's not just my perception, but I think in other businesses I talked to, one of the problems in the wedding industry is that wedding professionals deal with a lot of burnout. Right. Like, it's very hard to work so many weekends in a year. And to also be working in an industry when where every time you work, it's that clients like most important day of their life. So because of that, it's like kind of high pressure and it's high stakes for sure. Like you've got to get your job done. Right. So I noticed, you know, this people around me that there's this problem with burnout. And just like getting overwhelmed or working too hard and just trying to make make your money when it's during the season, but then also getting exhausted. So I think that that's a concern. And one way that we've really tried to deal with that is to have multiple people working on our team. So the model that we have as a business is that we've got 10 lead coordinators. So anytime a referral comes to us, I can almost guarantee that one of them really wants to take that wedding. You know, they really want to work that wedding. And if nobody's available and nobody feels comfortable taking it because of whatever they've got going on in their life, then like we just let that go and say, OK, well, that's just one referral we're not going to get. We're gonna pass that onto another professional in the industry that we can trust and appreciate. So that's why I think that like. That's definitely a. That's really maybe where we've got a pretty good handle on right now. So.

Shane: So, its adding a little balance in life right like trying to prevent people from getting too overwhelmed with like you're working 52 weekends a year, right. And no vacation. All right. Obviously, the weekend is the only day that the thing happens. But you're doing all the work the rest of the week.

Adrienne: Yeah. I mean, yeah, it's a pretty intense week as far as work.

Shane: Absolutely.

Adrienne: And I also think that, like, look. It's not really you know, it's hard to like be a one man show in the wedding industry because like if you get sick, it just happened to me as the first time it ever happened was this past summer one of my coordinators was getting married and I agreed to coordinate her wedding. Coordinated the rehearsal. Midnight I start throwing up. It was't doing well. I mean, I couldn't you ahead and hit the twelve hour mark, but the time I was supposed to be there. But, you know, thankful I've got this team and I could just hand over my timeline and they could pick it up and they knew exactly what to do because of preparation, because if you don't have some sort of plan in place like that. I mean, you know, life happens to everybody.

Shane: Everybody. Everybody.

Adrienne: You know, it took me three or four years or for even, like, felt sick on a wedding day. But eventually it just happens.

Shane: You know? Have you always had like. Is it always been more than one of you guys in the business?

Adrienne: It started out just me and then it kind of grew over the past few years. So, yeah. So at that time, it was just me in that I kind of kept me up at night sometimes.

Shane: Well, I bet. Right. I mean, what happens if these people are relying on you and that's the most important day of your life. Right.

Adrienne: Right. Right. You know, if you have like two weddings, you have to go to a year, you're probably going to be there for him. But if you got 20 weddings or 40 weddings, there's a good chance on one of those days. Some things happen now. You get a flat tire or whatever.

Shane: You know, kids get sick. I mean, things happen.

Adrienne: Yeah.

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