Valentine’s Day is the Most Popular Single Day for Wedding Proposals

Just over 41.2% of all wedding proposals take place between November and February with Valentine’s Day being the most popular.

Of the 41.2%, Valentine’s Day is the most popular single day at 17.2%. Thanksgiving Day is the least popular at 6.6% with almost half happening on a day between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day, excluding Christmas and New Year’s. However, if you combine Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, 19.4% of wedding proposals take place in this two day period.

Most popular wedding proposal days between November and February

Thanksgiving Day 6.6%
Christmas Eve 10.3%
Christmas Day 9.1%
New Year’s Eve 8.5%
New Year’s Day 3.4%
Valentine’s Day 17.2%
A Day Between Thanksgiving & Valentine’s Day 44.9%

When you look at the entire year, Valentine’s Day is still the single most popular day for wedding proposals at 3.1%.

Most popular wedding proposal days

Thanksgiving Day 1.2%
Christmas Eve 1.9%
Christmas Day 1.6%
New Year’s Eve 1.5%
New Year’s Day 0.6%
Valentine’s Day 3.1%
A Day Between Thanksgiving & Valentine’s Day 8.1%
A Different Day 81.9%

Most popular months for wedding proposals 2005 to 2014

Source: The Wedding Report Wedding Cost Surveys

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