Spending Distribution Report

For the selected market and current year, the spending distribution report tells you how many weddings fall into specific spending ranges.

The spending distribution report includes the following data:

  • Total weddings for current year
  • Average spending for current year
  • Median spending for current year
  • Spending range
  • Percent of weddings in the specific range
  • Number of weddings in the specific range
  • Total sales for the specific range

Spending distribution report insights:

  • Helps you identify actual weddings in each spending range so that you can decided what range is ideal for you, low, mid, high or luxury
  • Helps show you that just because market averages look low, it doesn’t mean you can’t tap into the premium market. It just means that you need to start asking yourself what your competition looks like and how many others are trying to tap into this market
  • Helps you answer the question, can this market support my price range?

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